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“If a nation expects to be
              ignorant and free...
  it expects what
              never was...
              and never will be.”
- Thomas Jefferson
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Informed VOTERS                           BETTER Government
a NON-PARTISAN, non-profit corp.  Not associated with the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian or any other Party
Bringing The FACTS 
        to Georgia Voters
    Our US Flag
&  Its Meaning
Wake Up
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But, only 27% of the citizens even vote in the Primaries.

RIGHT!     And, most of these don't feel QUALIFIED to choose the right Candidates.
                    But they do feel Obligated to Vote - so they do it anyway!

                    You tell me -  Is the WRONG Vote better than NO vote?
Well, WHO really selects the Candidates?       How about for the Primaries?
1st:    Remember that in every area the Incumbent is favored to WIN - AGAIN - 95% get re-elected!
               2nd:  Remember that most HONEST Candidates are fully aware that the OPPOSING Party may try to DESTROY them!
                           If the Honest guy isn't confident that the Voters will KNOW him and KNOW that he is Honest - he won't even try.
               3rd;   Remember that if the HONEST Candidates (those that want to work FOR The People) know that the Voters are INFORMED,
                           and they actually have a chance of getting elected - they will APPEAR!   They will run for these Offices.
There has NEVER been a lack of Qualified Candidates
                           But getting them to "Commit Suicide" against the POWER of the Political Parties is quite another story!

                          The PARTIES choose their own candidates.
The Importance of Primaries
          What's the answer?
1.         Inform the Voters................  Let Informed VOTERS decide who will best represent THEM.
2.        Vote in the Primaries..  Make sure the HONEST ones get on the ballot!
YOU LOSE  - before it Starts!)
Most people are not aware that
          The PRIMARIES are The MOST IMPORTANT Elections!
                     How can that be?    They don't elect anybody!

                     RIGHT.   But,
Only in the Primaries do YOU ("We The People") get a chance to select WHO the Candidates are!

                                        When we go to the REGULAR Elections  its Already TOO LATE!
WHY?      Because, the Candidates have already been chosen!

              (in most cases, the Parties have already chosen "their biggest thief")

                  Now, all we can do is
vote for the Candidate that "we HOPE will do us the LEAST Harm"!
WHY?   Because The People will readily admit that they don't know much about any of them.
                So, they have to
TRUST that each Political Party will choose the Best Candidate  
                                                                 (this is called
"being BRAIN-WASHED").
Is the Party going to choose the BEST Candidate?
Best for what?
                  Best for The People?    or:    Best for The PARTY?

Of course!  It must be "Best for The People".

                  They are going to choose the one that is Best for The PARTY.
But, where will the money come from?  And WHY?
                  It comes from "Special Interests" - any person or entity that stands to MAKE MONEY if he is elected.

But, HOW can they make money if he is elected?
                  Simply, because he will vote for LAWS that send them business or "favoritism" (to the "Special Interests").

Where will the money go?
                  Take a GUESS.      Do you think the Elected Official will put it back in the Treasury?
Well, what does that mean?   What makes one BETTER for the Party than another.
1.  Who brings in the MOST MONEY!    $$$

          2.  Who will Vote the way WE WANT them to
                                                  (the "WE" in this case is NOT You!..  
                                                    it is the "Behind the Scenes" Politicians
                                                    that actually CONTROL each Party)
What about the Candidates that want to Clean Up CORRUPTION?
                  Huh!       Do you think "the Corrupt" are going to TRY to throw themselves OFF the "gravy-train"?

Well, won't The People vote-in "the Honest Ones" next time?
                  Sure they will - IF, and ONLY if, they know who they are!
                  You can be assured that the Party is not going to tell them!      What - Shoot themselves in the foot?
But, that brings us back to where we started!
If the Voters are NOT INFORMED, they will NOT be able to stop Corruption.
If they don't do it in The Primaries, they won't be able to do it at all!