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“If a nation expects to be
              ignorant and free...
  it expects what
              never was...
              and never will be.”
- Thomas Jefferson
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Informed VOTERS                           BETTER Government
a NON-PARTISAN, non-profit corp.  Not associated with the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian or any other Party
Bringing The FACTS 
        to Georgia Voters
    Our US Flag
&  Its Meaning
Wake Up
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Most of this costs money but the do have a Free trial and a limited amount of FREE information for Individual Citizens.
Search Public Records, Salaries, Staff, Personal Finncial Disclosures, Expenses, Trips, Gifts, Earmarks etc.  
   You can also find Town Halls, Congressional Hearings, Policy Reports and much more.
                                               Georgia Legislation

        Keeping up with the Gold-Dome   is IMPORTANT

It's where the Laws are Created & Passed... 
They do AFFECT our Lives!

Here we are show:
         How to FIND any bill:      In the House or the Senate.
         How to TRACK one:       Conception -> Dying -> Law.

1st: Let's see how it all works. 
         Steps from Beginning to End?
         Tracking a Bill

         Click the Dome:
Track the ALL Activities of the U.S. Congress at
(Members, Bills, Live-Videos, Votes, Committees & the States too)
Track Legislation
2nd:   Let's FIND the Bill:
Search Georgia Code
Summary of General Statutes
Here are a few more things of interest:
Write YOUR Lawmaker
HOUSE Meetings Calendar
SENATE Meetings Calendar
Open Proposal Requests
     (General Assembly)
Live-Videos from the Gold-Dome
GMA's LEGAL Database
Track  Georgia Legislation
     ( from the GSSA Site)
Federal Legislation
Their Blog
Write A Letter/voice your concerns on a specific bill
     (in a FORMAT Tailored for Congress)
Or here: The Library of Congress (has everything imaginable)
Where & How to find just about anything
          2012 Legislative Session
      from GMA (Ga Mayor's Asso)
Slightly different formats
Library of Congress
Washington Watch Estimates Cost of Bills
How They Do It - Estimate Costs of Bills
The text of U.S. Code (LAWS) can be found here: Cornell Law
                      Access Regulatory or Administrative Law
(the part of U.S. law created by the Executive Branch Agencies. 
  Includes the
INFAMOUS, Unconstitutional "Executive Orders")
The compilation of regulations is: The Code of Federal Regulations
        (Read online at:  The Cornell Legal Information Institute)
Case law is the aspect of law that results from Judicial decisions.
                                    Find court opinions at Justia
Cornell's Legal Information Institute
Court ListenerFREE real-time alerts for the U.S. Judicial system.  Has daily info on all precedential opinions issued by the 13 Federal Circuit Courts and U.S. Supreme Court, non-precedential opinions from all Circuit Courts except the D.C. Circuit.   By 5:10pm PST, the database is updated with the day's opinions and custom alerts go out shortly thereafter.
Here is a "Slide-Show" of some Federal legislation that has already passed - it shows what many of us would consider Enormous Waste of Taxpayer Dollars.  What do YOU think?  Are you ready to contribute YOUR MONEY to these projects?  According to this, Coburn has identified about $9 TRILLION that could be saved over 10 years.  This amounts to about $3000 per Taxpayer per YEAR! (probably about $6,000 for you as 1/2 of our Citizens pay ZERO taxes)
BALLOTPEDIA is a wonderful resource for State Politics. 
t has goals similar to ours: a nonprofit and nonpartisan collaborative encyclopedia designed to connect people to politics.
Their INDEX OF CONTENTS shows all the things they can help us with.
Their MAIN PAGE is an "Interactive Almanac" of State Politics - Awesome.
Sue Ella Deadwyler is the marvelous lady that has personally dedicated her life to being our "UNPAID Lobbyist for The People" (she has been called by God to be a “watchman on the wall.” ).  She has been at the Georgia Capitol for 30 YEARS - looking out for YOU & ME - there to protect our Individual Rights, Personal Sovereignty, State Rights, State Soverignty, the GA State Constitution and our Federal Constitution. 
   She and her team of volunteers read THOUSANDS of bills and do so many good things it is mind-boggling!  One of her main jobs is; once they find a problem, she gets with the Elected Representatives involved and explains exactly what the problems are - sometimes it is a simple as ONE WORD!  Sometimes it is the whote thing!
   Sue Ella has a website,, and she publishes a Newsletter by that name: Georgia Insight (weekly during the Georgia legislative session and monthly the rest of the year).    See a sample Newsletter
   You will be seeing more about this as we "get it all together".
      Robert's Rules Of Order  - Parlimentary Procedure
Very useful when trying to follow what is happening in the Legislature and other serious Meetings.
A time tested set of rules for conduct at meetings and public gatherings, that allows everyone to be heard and to make decisions without confusion
                Introduction: What are Motions, How are they made and voted on?
When motions are made it may be difficult to understand:Robert's Rules of Order MOTIONS Chart
The Official Site.   Summary: Changes in the Latest Edition    Frequently Asked Questions FAQs,     Complete INDEX,    Brief with Tips
     Full Text (170pgs)