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“If a nation expects to be
              ignorant and free...
  it expects what
              never was...
              and never will be.”
- Thomas Jefferson
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If you  believe all this -  you have been asleep for a while!

WhiteHouseSite - Health Care

Myths & Facts    (WhiteHouse - on Health Care)
(Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - ACA)
Reality:    Obamacare’s Real Costs
The "Government's" line:
Obama SBA Head Hasn't Heard Of ObamaCare Impacting One Small Business
                                                                     "Thanks to Governor Deal"

Hats off to Georgia and the growing number of States who have announced they will not be implementing Obamacare's unfunded mandate for State health-care exchanges.

In mid-November, 12 States, including Georgia had announced they would not be implementing the State health care exchanges. In the last several weeks, 5 additional states have announced they will not implement the exchange

It needs to be recognized that Obamacare cannot force States to implement a state health care exchange which is the financial backbone of Obamacare.   The Federal Government cannot afford the health care fiasco they passed ("without reading the Bill") so they passed the unfunded mandate to the States for implementation of health care exchanges.

In Gov. Deal's August 2012 article in "The Washington Post" he clearly addressed the significant financial burdens to Georgia if we implement the health-care exchanges.   Georgia is already facing a $700 million shortfall in the Medicaid program in 2013 and 2014 and Obamacare will add an additional 620,000 Medicaid patients to Georgia's rolls in 2014 at an estimated additional cost of $40 billion over 10 years. The Federal government says they will help cover the increased costs for several years, which is very doubtful given the terrible state and out of control Federal budget with deficits now $16 trillion and expected to reach $20 trillion by 2016. Even if Washington does live up to its end of the bargain, there's no money in Georgia's state treasuries to cover the added costs.

As additional pieces of Obamacare slowly emerge, the impacts on States are even more apparent. These include
usurping State's and Personal Rights (in conflict with the 10th Amendment of the Constitution) and decisions to cut back hiring of new employees or even decisions to lay people off. This could obviously be a discriminator in companies making decisions on future locations in various States just like the questions of State Taxes, Right to Work, Transportation and Schools.

Obamacare cannot economically survive without States volunteering to pick up substantial financial cost impacts through implementation of Health-Care Exchanges. Per last June's Supreme Court ruling,
the Federal Government cannot financially penalize States who opt not to implement these Exchanges.

In one state, Oklahoma, the Attorney General recently initiated a law suit against the Federal Government saying they could not tax Oklahoma companies who are not providing health care as Oklahoma doesn't have a State run exchange.
Obamacare.  ITS POLITICAL and it started a long time ago!

John Ainsworth( talks about Citizenship, the Government's Authority and Justice Roberts' ruling, which said
     "It is not our job to protect the
      people from the consequences
      of their political choices!"
What does that mean?  Well, after the civil War,
President Lincoln OVERTHREW the founding Principles of this country.  He basically said:
"You have a mistaken concept
     that all governing rights come
     from the consent of The People,
     well, We'll Show YOU -
     we'll FIGHT you & we'll KILL you
     to keep you Free!".

   The People did NOT understand the consequences and they did NOTHING!

   Then, they had to take the guy that did the most harm to this country and paint him with something good - as "The Great Emancipator" - now he's "mythical" or "God-like"!

  The result is that the people in NC (or any other state) are US citizens, born or naturalized anywhere in the US, and subject to (the Laws or "whims" of) Washington DC.  The US Government can pass any kind of laws for ITS Citizens.

   These people are  not "The Freemen" of NC that are subject only to "the Freemen of NC"!
   If The People don't regain their personal and State Sovereignties they will have NO SAY in their own future!
Obamacare - what it is and will do as explained by