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“If a nation expects to be
              ignorant and free...
  it expects what
              never was...
              and never will be.”
- Thomas Jefferson
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Informed VOTERS                           BETTER Government
a NON-PARTISAN, non-profit corp.  Not associated with the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian or any other Party
Bringing The FACTS 
        to Georgia Voters
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&  Its Meaning
Wake Up
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            OUR MISSION

Our MISSION is to provide the Citizens of Georgia with timely, objective, factual, and easily understood information regarding state and local issues and legislative processes in their State, with common-sense as our guide and adherence to the State of Georgia Constitution as our singular determinant.

Our OBJECTIVES in providing this information are to:

   1.  Significantly increase the Georgia Voters understanding of the issues, laws and topics that will directly affect their Lives,        
        Liberties and Futures.

   2.  Make sure that Georgia Voters know who their elected and non-elected government officials are, from Precinct up to State
        and Federal levels; who is directly and indirectly influencing particular issues and how to contact them.

   3.  Provide a better connection to the State legislative process and our elected officials so they are made to understand that
        “We The People” expect common-sense to be restored to its rightful place in our government.

   4.  Significantly increase the level of understanding that a strong and Sovereign State of Georgia is the mechanism for limiting
        the Federal government’s unconstitutional encroachment into State and Local issues.

   5.  Provide the basis for a significantly increased citizen participation level in State and Local elections, thereby insuring that our
        elected officials once again become responsible and accountable to the Citizens of Georgia and remain that way.

We will disseminate this information on a consistent basis to the Citizens of Georgia, at the Voting Precinct level, so that ALL potential Voters can make informed, common-sense decisions and therefore feel ready and compelled to vote at EVERY opportunity, as is their RESPONSIBILITY and their RIGHT under our form of self-governance.

   1. Ethics in Georgia State Government
   2. Georgia’s Education System and Process
   3. Georgia’s Legislative Agenda
   4. Georgia’s State Sovereignty
   5. Citizen Legislators in Georgia