IV.   Georgia State Legislative Agenda
According to the Constitution of the State of Georgia, the regular session of our legislature convenes on the 2nd Monday of January and may continue in session for a period of no longer than 40 days in the aggregate each year.

This is a short period of time to accomplish a great deal. 
1. There is not enough time in each session to deal with legislation that does
    not deal DIRECTLY with the needs of the Citizens of Georgia. 
2. There is not enough time in each session to address legislation that violates
    the U.S. Constitution and/or the Georgisa Constitution.
3. There definitely is not enough time, nor a place for, any Georgia Legislator
    that proposes legislation that directly benefits him or his buddies.

Yet, these inefficient, un-Constitutional, and unethical practices pervade our Legislature and its Agenda every year.

In the 2012 the House introduced 1116 Bills - only 401 passed (36%).
The House introduced 1261 Resolutions, only 5 were approved (1/3 of 1%).
The Senate introduced 440 Bills, only 116 were passed and signed (29%).
The Senate introduced 784 Resolutions, but only 4 were approved (1/2 of 1%).
           3600 pieces of legislative actions in one session,
           only 518 were approved by the Governor (14.4%).

This would seem to indicate a process full of inefficiency, malfeasance, lack of focus on the needs of Georgians, and legislative malaise. 
Additionally, we must ask this question: 
How much of this voluminous proposed legislative actions
           were TRULY understood by the General Assembly?

IT IS THE MISSION OF Wake Up Georgia  to insure that all proposed legislation is ethical, Constitutional, supports State Sovereignty, and meets the needs of the Citizens of Georgia, through active involvement in the Legislative Agenda
And, to inform Georgia Voters of legislation and legislators that attempt to  operate outside of, and on the wrong side of, these basic and moral criteria.
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V. Georgia State Sovereignty

The greatest threats to Our Unalienable Rights and the sovereignty of the State of Georgia come not from outside our national borders, but from within.

We find this menace in the form of our bloated, inefficient, power hungry, money devouring Federal Government. 
   For the last several decades, the Federal Government has operated increasingly outside the scope of the specific enumerated powers defined to it in our U.S. Constitution.
   And, it has happened under BOTH political parties and with concurrence of the Supreme Court. 
   The States, including Georgia, have not stood up to this unethical and highly illegal activity by the Federal Government, which is their Constitutional responsibility to do under the 10th Amendment.
   We believe this is due to several factors: inept State officials; uneducated State officials; unethical and amoral State officials; and a largely disconnected electorate (the Voters don’t know what is TRULY going on!).  There are a handful of States that are fighting back: Arizona, Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas come to mind.

IT IS THE MISSION OF Wake Up Georgia  to assist the Citizens of Georgia in maintaining their FREEDOMS and Natural Rights by by taking back from the Federal Government the "ill-gotten" POWERS forbidden to it by the US Constitution.  We will help return to Georgia and to her People the Sovereignty she had, and is ENTITLED to, under both the US Constitution. and the Georgia. Liberty for the Citizens of Georgia.

VI. Citizen Legislators and the Judiciary

Our Founding Fathers designed a system of government that was to be about
          We The People:  of the People, for the People, and by the People.
It was designed around the concept of Legislation from its Citizenry, as long as The People were involved and participating in the process, things would work out for the greater good and Liberty would therefore be protected.
   They did not anticipatte powerful Political Parties that bred the “career politicians” that pervade Washington and now, even our State Legislature.
   The vision was for The People to elect their Representatives, who would then go off for short periods of time to protect the citizens, their property, their rights and to do the country’s business. 
   After that, they would return to the farms, businesses and occupations that they had been protecting and then, others would go and repeat the cycle.
              There has NEVER been a lack of qualified representatives.
BUT, the Political Parties, because of their LUST for POWER, have succeeded in preventing this from happening.
   What we have today is an out of control and amoral Federal entity, and a largely inept and neutered State government.
              We have allowed this by lack of participation in the process.
Career politicians who spend their complete lives in the halls of Congress have no relationship with The People and are not being held accountable.
   They have one singular mission: to stay in power and get wealthy, usually at OUR expense - both monetarily and in a reduction of our personal Liberties.
      They have this power only because we have allowed this to happen.

IT IS THE MISSION OF Wake Up Georgia  to return Georgia, on both the State and Local levels, to a system driven by Citizen Legislators and Judges who are morally and ethically bound by their Oaths of Office to strictly adhere to the Georgia State Constitution, who propose, interpret, and enact legislation that is designed with limited governance, fiscal responsibility, and maximum Liberty for the Citizens of Georgia.
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VII. Agenda-21  Environmental TRAVESTY
       Most relevant facts in this matter have been hidden or obfuscated.

This is an INSIDIOUS, SOCIALIST Plan, hatched in 1977 (by the 7 richest families on Earth), adapted by the UN and first announced at the Earth-Summit, the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992.
  It completely circumvents The Law by inserting itself in Local Governments.
  Initially, it seeks to control water, food, all resources, land, and individual rights under the complete control of the UN.  They have DUPED millions of well-meaning people into thinking they're going to “Save The Planet!
   Then, Production, education, consumption, the last of your individual rights, and even people’s thoughts will all be targeted under the global plan to create a so-called “green economy,” the UN admitted.
    Agenda-21 (through ICLEI) is behind:
       virtually all the increased cost of energy,
       increased costs of driving and maintaining an automobile,
       all the "Mass Transit" programs,
       the High-Density Housing projects that are going up all over the USA
       and many, many more..
   But with the tidal wave of opposition in America growing stronger every single day, analysts expect fierce U.S. opposition - if not from the Obama administration, at least from the increasingly outraged citizenry.
   AGENDA-21.that is completely at odds with American traditions of limited government, individual freedom, private property, and self-governance under the Constitution.
   This "project" has DUPED millions of people, world-wide, as it goes under the umbrella of "Environmentalism": 
Who does not want to "Save The Planet"?
   Their mantra is that "MAN is KILLING the planet by EVERYTHING he does" and that Earth cannot SUSTAIN itself as long as MAN is "ALLOWED" to continue as he is.
   The main agency is the ICLEI (International Council on  Local Environmental Initiatives), which had HUNDREDS of Local Governments  in the USA paying them "dues" for their "advisory" and other efforts at environmentalism. 
ICLEI lists over 1,200 members World-Wide, of which
                       over 600 members are US cities,towns and Counties.
   Did you know? Agenda-21 ALREADY controls Atlanta, Fulton County, 
   Decatur, Savannah (probably DeKalb) and many more Local Governments!

                                      see their USA MEMBER list
  These Local Governments are paying YOUR tax dollars every month to the
    UN - to undermine EVERYTHING you hold dear in your life.
                   The key words are SUSTAINABILITY and GREEN
Wherever you see these words being used to "justify" some "social" program -             BE CAREFUL.  It is very likely linked to AGENDA-21.
But, Agenda-21 is not limited to the environment as such.
Very few, perhaps ONE in 500 people, are aware of the UN's ultimate goals of AGENDA-21.   Among them are:
   1.   They intend to change EVERYTHING about our lives.
   2.   They want to reduce the Earth's population by 90%.
   3.   They want to END ALL TECHNOLOGY and use of ALL energies.
   4.   They want to convert the at least 90% of the Earth back into
          wildlands and prohibit MAN from even entering these lands.
   5.   They want to give ALL animals SUPERIOR rights to man and
          MAN will be "severly punished" for doing ANYTHING that even
         "affects" the life of a wild animal - even if it is for their GOOD!

   The problem is that there is NO meaningful evidence that the Earth cannot "SUSTAIN itself" with MAN or that anything MAN does is harmful to Earth in the long run.
   Their program has been carefully hidden and the facts obfuscated so the "unitiated" do not find out what the REAL plan is.. The UN has created dozens of special agencies to carry out the plan - piece by piece - all over the World. 
   BUT, their main target is the USA - as we are the RICHEST and they intend to take EVERYTHING we have before it is all over.
                      We are actually PAYING THEM to destroy OUR lives!
See how much & WHO:
                 USA Dues:
CLICK                 USA Members:  CLICK
  There are THOUSANDS of local governments (that are not yet paying the ICLEI). that have started PARTS of the Agenda-21 programs, almost always without telling The People where this is all coming from  (sadly, the VAST MAJORITY have no idea what the TRUE & "Ultimate Goals:of the ICLEI are).

    Alabama was the first State to pass a LAW against AGENDA-21.
and virtually no mention of the law was made in the establishment press.
   But, analysts said the measure was likely the strongest protection against the UN scheme passed anywhere in America so far. The law, aimed at protecting private property rights, specifically prevents all state agencies and local governments in Alabama from participating in the global scheme in any way.
       "The State of Alabama and all political subdivisions may not adopt
         or implement policy recommendations that deliberately or
         inadvertently infringe or restrict private property rights without due
         process, as may be required by policy recommendations originating
         in, or traceable to 'Agenda 21,' "

Since then, several other states have passes Laws and Resolutions against AGENDA-21, as well as many large organizations.
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        story under construction - more coming son

XIII.  Obamacare (American Health Care Act)
   One of the most UNCONSTITUTIONAL acts ever passed by the Congress!

(National Defense Authorization Act)
   This Act has stripped our Citizens of some of their most PRECIOUS Rights!
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“If a nation expects to be
              ignorant and free...
  it expects what
              never was...
              and never will be.”
- Thomas Jefferson
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                   INITIAL FOCAL POINTS    
                                 (There are separate pages for each subject.)

      1.   ETHICS in Georgia State Government.
      2.   Georgia's EDUCATION System.
      3.   The T-SPLOST (
it is NOT over!)
      Our priorities also include:

4.   State Legislative AGENDA.
5.   State SOVERIGNTY.
6.   CITIZEN Legislators & the Judiciary
7.   AGENDA-21 in Local Governments
8.   Obamacare
(AHCA American Health Care Act)
9.   NDAA
(National Defense Authorization Act)
We intend to see that Georgia becomes a leader in States Rights enforcement under the 10th Amendment by focusing on the three greatest assaults to Individual Liberty and State Sovereignty in recent history:

1.   ObamaCare:(AHCA)  
      Most Citizens of the US are against this and, more importantly, most are NOT fully aware of its implications and how it will affect their lives and their futures.  
   Several States, in spite of the recent Supreme Court decision largely upholding this un-Constitutional Law, have publicly and forcefully said that they WILL NOT institute the State provisions included in the AHCA.
   Georgia? Gov. Deal said “we” will wait until after the November election. That response should not be acceptable to any sovereign Citizen of Georgia.
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2.  National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA)
     Most of the Citizens of the US have no idea what this is REALLY about. 
Sections 1021 and 1022 of the highly un-Constitutional NDAA make it legal for the President to detain, imprison, and kill UNITED STATE CITIZENS on US soil without due process. 
   Several States (NC & KS) have already started the process of nullification.
                    Georgia voters need to know the facts and decide.
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3.  United Nations Agenda-21
     Most relevant facts in this matter have been hidden or obfuscated.
This global attempt at "Sustainable Development" was created by the UN.
   It completely circumvents The Law by inserting itself in Local Governments.
Beware the word “Sustainable” - it usually LABELS their insidious programs.
Initially, it seeks to control water, food, all resources, land, and individual rights under the complete control of the UN.  They have DUPED millions of well-meaning people into thinking they're going to “Save The Planet!
   Did you know?  
Agenda-21  ALREADY controls Atlanta, Fulton County,
Savannah, Athens (probably DeKalb County.) and more!
   These Local Governments are paying YOUR tax dollars every month to the
    UN - to undermine EVERYTHING you hold dear in your life.
                                    see their USA MEMBER list
The recently defeated T-Splost was a first attempt to institute this “regionalism” in Georgia.   Most Citizens did NOT know its origin nor its ultimate goals, BUT, they saw right through it.
Recently, many states have taken action against Agenda-21.  We need to now!
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IT IS THE MISSION OF Wake Up Georgia to inform the Citizens of Georgia of these threats, and educate the Legislature such that Constitutionally binding legislation is put into effect to nullify these threats in Georgia.
Political Parties
   "They are likely, in the course of time and things,
     to become potent engines,
     by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men
     will be enabled to subvert the power of the people,
     and to usurp for themselves the reins of government;
     destroying afterwards the very engines
     which have lifted them to unjust dominion."

George Washington  -- In his farewell address.

He  warned of the dangers of political parties.
He believed they would only serve to pit citizen against citizen.

                         See our separate PAGE on Political Parties.
I.    ETHICS in Georgia State Government

The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) recently ranked the 50 States according to an Ethics in Government scorecard.  Georgia ranked 50th-dead last.
We have the #1 Most Corrupt STATE Government in the U.S.

Georgia received failing grades in 12 of the 14 categories, with an overall F Grade.
1.   658 State workers accepted Lobby Gratuities in the last 2 years.
   2.   No State Vendor has been fined in 12 years for failing to disclose such gifts.
   3.   2000 Georgia Officials (20% of Legislators) have failed to pay their penalties.
   4.   Disclosures are rarely, if ever audited - our State Ethics laws have no teeth.

In the July 31st, 2012 Georgia Primary, both the Democratic and Republican Ballots included a Ballot Question regarding the ethics of our Legislators:
Do you favor ending the current practice of permitting unlimited gifts
        from Lobbyists to State Legislators?

Both parties OVERWHELMINGLY supported ending (D) or capping (R) Lobbyists gifts to Legislators.
Democrats  voted 73% to end the practice.
    Republicans voted 87% to cap gifts at $100 per year.

The message to our Legislature should be clear: 
It is time to clean this problem up 
                             The Voters of Georgia will do it for you.

IT IS THE MISSION OF WAKE UP GEORGIA to bring this and other ETHICAL issues to the forefront of the Voting Public, and help them secure enactment of ethical changes and oversight at the State Legislature.

WE will use the CPI State Rankings in the future as our measure of positive change in the ethics of Georgia State Government.
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II.   Georgia’s Education and System

The 2012 Total Budget for our State is $18.3 Billion. The Educated Georgia program receives 54% of this.  The Georgia Department of Education (which deals with PreK-12), receives $7.0 Billion or 38% of the total State Budget.

The proposed 2013 State Budget is $19.2 Billion, a 5% increase over 2012.
           We do not have a “spending on education problem” in Georgia

Yet, Georgia ranks 49th in the latest SAT Reasoning Test and we are well below the national average in all three tested areas of Critical Reading, Math, and Writing.

The City of Atlanta, spent $14,011 per student in 2005.  This is the sixth highest per student total of the Top 50 largest cities and 51% higher than the national average.

Yet, the City of Atlanta school district has a high school graduation rate of 46%.
Several big cities spend significantly LESS than the national average and have graduation rates in the 70% range.
           We do not have a “spending on education problem”  in Georgia.

What we DO have in the Georgia education system are:
     inefficient use of funds,
     ineffective practices,
     lack of competition, and
     thoroughly outdated systems, procedures, and
     curriculum support mechanisms.
These shortfalls, in educating our Students, affect our State on many levels.

IT IS THE MISSION OF Wake Up Georgia to review the educational systems and expenditure processes in Georgia, and bring The FACTS to Georgia Voters.
We believe the Voters truly care about BOTH the education of our children and the use/misuse of their tax dollars. 
They will bring pressure and suggestions to the Governor and the Department of Education that will lead to BOTH improved education and reduction in costs..
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III.   T-SPLOST  Transportation Investment Act

On July 31, 2012 the Transportation Investment Act (TIA), also known at T-SPLOST (Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax), was voted down by the voters.
                                            This is NOT the end!
The “establishment” is not going to give up on $8.5 BILLION
                    (and the opportunity for much more than that) very easily.

There is lots & lots of "OPPORTUNITY" here for
           GRAFT, CRONYISM, PROFIT & shameful Political POWER.

They had "circled their wagons: and they WILL be back.
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                       This is NOT complete - it will be UPDATED soon.

   How will Wake Up Georgia effect Legislation?

   We intend to thoroughly vet all candidates and incumbents regularly against these criteria, inform the Voters - by bringing them The FACTS - of those that consistently meet these standards, and those who do not. 
   We will NOT be in the business of directly endorsing, promoting and campaigning for the good ones any more than we will be actively seeking to get rid of the bad ones.
                    The VOTERS, themselves, will do that.
   We will, HOWEVER, provide this information to the Citizens of Georgia, all the way down to the Voting Precinct level, on a regular basis, with the intent of a more informed electorate who will make THEIR OWN decisions in the Ballot Box. 
   And, because these Voters, most for the
1st time ever, will have better information - The FACTS - on which to base their choices, they will WANT to participate more frequently .