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“If a nation expects to be
              ignorant and free...
  it expects what
              never was...
              and never will be.”
- Thomas Jefferson
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Wake Up
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Informed VOTERS                           BETTER Government
a NON-PARTISAN, non-profit corp.  Not associated with the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian or any other Party
Bringing The FACTS 
        to Georgia Voters
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Wake Up
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Georgia State Sovereignty
The greatest threats to Our Unalienable Rights and the Sovereignty of the State of Georgia and its People come not from outside our national borders, but from within.

     We find this menace in the form of our
          bloated, inefficient, power hungry and money devouring Federal Government. 

For the last several decades, the Federal Government has operated increasingly outside the scope of the specific enumerated powers defined to it in our U.S. Constitution.
                              And, it has happened under BOTH Political Parties and
                                         with the concurrence of the Supreme Court. 

                               The States, including Georgia, have not stood up to this
        unethical and highly illegal activity by the Officials of the Federal Government,
         which is their Constitutional responsibility to do under the 10th Amendment.

                                          We believe this is due to several factors:
Inept State officials;
                                                Uneducated State officials;
                                                Unethical and amoral State officials; and
                                                A largely disconnected electorate
                                          (the Voters don’t know what is TRULY going on!). 

                                    There are a handful of States that are fighting back:
                                             Arizona, Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas come to mind.

IT IS THE MISSION OF Wake Up Georgia  to assist the Citizens of Georgia in maintaining their FREEDOMS and Natural Rights by by taking back from the Federal Government the "ill-gotten" POWERS forbidden to it by the US Constitution. 
   We will help return to Georgia, and to her People, the Liberty and Sovereignty she once had, and is ENTITLED to, under both the U.S..and the Georgia Constitutions.
What Happened to State Rights?       The Beginning of the END.
A clear definition of State Rights and Sovereignty - by 
   We lost most of our State Sovereignties by Unconstitutional Legislation during, and as a result of, the Civil War - particularly, the Reconstruction Acts (blatant violations of the Constitution on many levels - passed 1 years after the war) and the subsequent passage of the 14th Amendment, which Nationalized (U.S.) Citizenship.  This seems inocuous enough but, it changed everything: 
   No longer was each person a Sovereign Citizen of a self-governing Sovereign State, that enjoyed a Union (the United States) with Federal Government of strictly LIMITED Powers.  He was FIRST a Citizen of the USA - this gave the Federal Government Powers NEVER intended by the Founders of our country and opened the door for the Federal Government to take away the Powers of the States - one by one! 
   Most unfortunately, these Acts were NEVER adjudicated - meaning American Courts have never ruled on their Constitutionality.
(Whatever was left was finally destroyed by the 17th Amendment.)
What can we DO? 
Restore the Sovereignty of our State and return the Federal government to its LIMITED role.  States again have their ultimate authority, are self-governing and have their own laws, chosen by its Citizens, with Liberty as  the goal.
What is                         Don't just do the Busy work! Don't let them keep us away from the REAL Issues!  The 14th Amendment NATIONALIZED our Citizenship!... Giving them Total CONTROL over YOU!
Obamacare.  ITS POLITICAL and it started a long time ago!
John Ainsworth( is from NC.  He talks about Citizenship, the Government's Authority and Justice Roberts' ruling, which said "It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices!"  
    What does that mean?  Well, after the Civil War,
President Lincoln OVERTHREW the Founding Principles of this country.    He basically said: "You have the mistaken concept that all governing rights come from the consent of The People, well, We'll Show YOU! We'll FIGHT you & KILL you - to keep you Free!". 
    The People did NOT understand the consequences and they did NOTHING!
Then, the Politicians had to take this man,
that did the most harm to this country, and paint him with something good - as "The Great Emancipator" (the War was not even about Slavery - to begin with) - now he's "mythical" or "God-like"!
    The result is that the people in NC (or any other state) were now US citizens, born or naturalized anywhere in the US, and subject to (the Laws or "whims" of) Washington DC.  The US Government can pass any kind of laws for ITS Citizens.
   These people are  not
"The Freemen" of NC - that are subject only to "the Freemen of NC"!
   If "The People" don't regain their personal and State Sovereignties they have NO SAY in their own future!
      The END of State Rights - the 17th Amendment               Wikipedia's Page
          This was the LAST GASP for State and Individual Sovereignty!
This INFAMOUS act enabled the US Senators to be totally UNACCOUNTABLE to their states.                              They now answer to NOBODY!
(it's easy to "hoodwink" the millions that know Nothing about them yet vote for them)
     Once we lost the Senate as our representatives for the States, "We the PEOPLE" also lost our Individual Sovereignty (the House was already well on its way to UNACCOUNTABLE - When was the last time you heard of YOUR Representative VOTING for something that was actually good for "The People"?)
     It used to be that the State Legislatures chose the STATE'S representatives (Senators) for the US Senate - each Senator knew he had to FAITHFULLY represent his State in the US Congress or be REPLACED - the State Legislatures were vigilant to see that they were being fully and competently represented in Washington.
     Now, The People vote for their Senators, which sounds great, but the truth is The People know very little about what their Senators do and largely vote their Parties "ticket" (which is no accident - the less the Senator tells them, the better chance he has of being re-elected - they get Re-elected 95% of the time).
      So, as long as they bring in lots of MONEY from "Special Interests" and vote however the "Special Interests" and their Party tell them to, they are ASSURED of being re-elected and increasing their Political Power & Wealth!
                             YOU, the Voter, do not even count anymore!
And remember,
if you don't vote in the PRIMARIES you have ZERO chance of getting an HONEST Senator!  (you will have relinquished YOUR ONLY opportunity to choose him and the Parties are going to pick their Biggest THIEF as their candidate)
                     What can we DO?    Repeal the 17th Amendment
Repeal the 17th Amendment.   Is it a Good idea?    What is the History?

There exists a really good FORUM that deals with Repealing the 17th Amendment and more of similar "ilk".  There are some really "intelligent" and informed idea expressed there (as well a ignorant ones) - You might want to "check it out"

              It took almost 100 years to get the 17th Amendment passed.  
Originally, the election of senators by the states reassured Antifederalists that there would be some protection against the swallowing up of states and their powers by an ever-expanding federal government, providing a check on the power of the federal government. 
    A body not dependent on popular support that could afford to "take a more detached view of issues coming before Congress".  Senators were, and still are, consideered to be "a cut above" the Representatives in the House.  They were supposed to bring WISDOM and Experience - and therefore could be be "kept" for a longer period - 6 years instead of 2.  
    Many charges of corruption and the like were used to bring up Amendments to change the method of selection to "popular" - voting by The People.  It is likely that everybody knew that this would remove them from the control & scrutiny of their respective State legislatures.  And, that would provide them with unprecedented opportunities for Political Power and Personal Wealth!  Of course, everybody denied that!  Eventually, The People forgot this and Greed for Power Triumphed.
    The sadder part is that removed one of the most important "checks & balances" written in by the Founding Fathers - now the Senate was "Autonomous" - it answered to NOBODY - it was not possible for The People to follow their movements and vote the Senators IN or OUT accordingly. 
As a result:
      State Sovereignty has nearly disappeared!  Individual Sovereignty is GONE!

The Federal Government had only to "Bribe" the Representatives, as well as the Senators, to get everything it wanted - MORE Power!  And, of course, the Personal Wealth that ALWAYS accompanies Political Power! 
    Before that, the Federal Government had only strictly limited powers - those necessary to Protect the States against Foreign Powers and from each other.  The remainder belonged to the States and The People.  Nobody ever denied that a large, central government could NEVER recognize or deal "fairly" or effectively with the needs of  so many Citizens and States over such a large area.
    Now, the States have faded into IGNOMINY!  The Federal Government controls nearly every aspect of the Citizens' lives.  Virtually ALL of our Liberties have disappeared. 
    The States Legislatures are nearly POWERLESS!  They certainly have NO SAY as to what the Federal Government can get away with.  They COULD do something - A LOT actually, if they had the "GUTS" to do it. 
    But, the Elected Officials, that all took an Oath to PROTECT the Constitution and the Rights, Freedoms, Lives & Personal Property of the Citizens and the States, are quite comfortable in their PERSONAL positions.  The Federal Government and the two Parties keep them "greased" quite well and they ANSWER to NOBODY - they are assured that they can maintain their Power & Wealth for the rest of their lives IF they "don't rock the boat"!
    Sadly, we have fallen from the #1 spot in Personal, Political and Financial FREEDOM, we are loosing Freedoms every day and even our Constitutional RIGHTS are being eroded at an alarming pace - our Elected Representatives are doing NOTHING to change this!
    Even sadder is the fact that most people are not even aware of it - certainly not the younger generation - they don't miss what they NEVER HAD!
    So, the Question again: Would REPEALING the 17th Amendment cure these problems?  Well, it would certainly START to fix them. 
   But, HOW can we get the CORRUPT Elected Officials andtheir Political Partis to ALLOW it? 
    Do we really think they will WILLINGLY give up their Political POWER & Wealth for YOU and Me?   Will the FOX that is guarding the chicken-coup WILLINGLY relinquish the Stewardship?
   NO - NEVER!     But, if the People "got WISE' and Voted OUT everybody that opposed its Repeal - that would be another story.