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“If a nation expects to be
              ignorant and free...
  it expects what
              never was...
              and never will be.”
- Thomas Jefferson
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There can be no doubt that our Environment is important - this is where we live.  The real question is simply:
      "Is there a problem? If so, what do we (everybody on Earth) need to do to fix it?
Getting an HONEST answer is the problem!  There is a lot of POWER & MONEY here.
   "Save the Planet"    The "Battlecry" of the "Environmentalists"
We hear this every day - sometimes from some people of supposed credence.  They say that Humans are destroying the Planet Earth - that we have to stop all forms of "pollution" immediately - that there is little time left or We Are ALL "Doomed"
     They produce "experts" like Al Gore who swear it is all true, that "Global Warming" will destroy Earth in as short as 20 years if we don't act NOW!  And, then they offer solutions in actions we can take to Save Ourselves and the The Planet.
     In most cases, these "experts' already have taken action and OWN the companies that will offer the services necessary for our "survival".
     Occasionally, we hear that this is "nuts" - that there is no immediate danger, that the planet Earth is a "tough cookie" - that it has survived thousands of disasters far greater in her 5 Billions years of exisitence. 
     Then they produce papers written by credible organizations, scientists and universities that contest the Environmental Hysteria.  Most of these papers are full of facts and a lot of data that substantiates these views.  In fact, only about 5 or 10% of these papers even mention Human Actions as a "possible" cause of Global Warming.
     To be sure, Global Warming IS a fact, but we cannot control it any more than we can change the time the Sun comes up tomorrow.  It has been going on for 5,000,000,000 years and it will continue.  It goes in cycles and there are cycles withing cycles:  sometimes Earth's temperatures go up and sometimes down.  These scientists believe that the cycles are determined by conditions on the Sun and our position in the Solar System. 
     It appears that if we do what the environmentalist say, we will do NOTHING to change Global warming (or Cooling?), we will make some people RICH beyond imagination, in the process we will lose ALL of our Natural Rights, our civilization will go back thousands of years and we will ALL (except for the "Leaders', of course) become SLAVES to a New World Order.
The biggest question we should all ask is: 
Is there anyone that stands to PROFIT from this "Hysteria"?
           Why is this problem so critical and how did it just "pop up" so quickly?
YES, there are many people that ARE profiting from this - ENORMOUSLY.  And, it looks like this is only the beginning - if we don't "wise-up" and take the TRULY appropriate actions.
What was the SOURCE of Environmentalism?   Was it a sincere realization of "impending disaster" or was it a cooked up scheme - that would enable a "FEW" to effect their plans?  
And, of course, Just what are these plans and why do they want them?
There are several groups & plans that are completely "intertwined" in this matter:
1.  The FED,  It is virtually "owned" by the richest families on Earth.
2.  The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations).  They claim to be a Think-tank.  But, in
      fact, they want to end U.S. Sovereignty and bring us to a New World Order
3.  The Trilateral Commission.  It claims to foster closer coopertion between Japan,
      Europe and North America.  In fact, it has the same goals as the CFR.
4.  The UN.  The UN claims its goal is to bring World Peace.  In fact, it wants a Global
      Economy, a New World Order and for the USA to pay for its own destruction.
5.  Agenda-21.  The UN was chosen to lead and bring the entire WORLD to
      Environmentalism, through Agenda-21 and other as "programs", as a means to
      attain Total Control over the Entire WORLD, its people and the Money.

This in NOT about
"Clean Air & Water".

                                   It's about 
PowerControl  &  Money.
Global Warming -