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“If a nation expects to be
              ignorant and free...
  it expects what
              never was...
              and never will be.”
- Thomas Jefferson
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Obama says we only have 2% of the World's Oil Reserves.  This is simply not true.  But, it is irrelevant!  We have already discovered enough oil to last the United States for at least 250 YEARS! - and this is accounting for estimated INCREASES in consumption too.

PLUS - It is highly unlikely that we will EVER use that oil. 
NUCLEAR powerplants ALREADY have been designed that can produce Electricity nearly 100 times CHEAPER that Oil or Coal!  And, virtually ALL of this cost is for SAFETY requirements - the fuel is virtually FREE.

In the meantime, if we use OUR oil and OUR natural gas,
      we can reduce our "cost of living" by about ONE BILLION ($1,000,000,000.00) per day
(the money we are presently sending to countries that want to EXTERMINATE us!).
And, perhaps, we will create MILLIONS of jobs - HERE in the USA - for things WE make and WE use. 
The money will STAY HERE - not be used by foreigners to BUY our country out from under us.

We have already mined enough Uranium to last the WORLD about 500,000 YEARS!
And, there is every likelyhood that in the near future we will discover how to make and control the Nuclear FUSION process, which will RE-GENERATE nuclear fuel. 
This means we will NEVER run out - not in a BILLION years! (1,000,000,000 years).

As nuclear powerplants come on line we will see prices of electricity drop & drop until it is so cheap that it becomes IRRELEVANT - say TOTAL Energy Costs of $5.00 per month per household.  Most of this cost will be maintenance of the system and safety - not fuel.

In the meantime, when batteries development gets us to another 300% increase in efficiency (we have already had about a 500% increase in the last 30-40 years), electric cars will become PRACTICAL - Electric Cars will be capable of traveling over 700 miles between charges. 

And, re-charging time will become IRRELEVANT as "charging stations" will simply exchange your discharged battery for a fully charged one in less than 1 minute - perhaps for $5-10 "Labor" plus the cost of electricity (perhaps $15-20) for a total of $28 at today's prices.
    (This will probably Cost only PENNIES once nuclear powerplants become prevalent). 
They will re-charge your exchanged battery at their leisure to give it to the "next guy".  How much would a 600 mile trip cost you today in your car?
   The fact is, if we had Battery Exchange Stations now, the present Electric cars would be practical!  After all, the goal of 700 miles per charge  would be irrelevant as 100 miles per charge is presently practical and how much would 6 stops of 5-minutes each REALLY slow you down in a 6 hour trip?
See the math: Cost of a 600 mile trip in an Electric Car and learn about Electric Cars (Wikipedia), Charging Stations, Electric Vehicle batteries and conventional Car Batteries.

Also, there are some promising developments being made in Fuel-Cells, which can produce electricity from a fuel, for use in electric cars.  Right now there are no "really safe" fuel technologies that are financially practical but, it appears that might change soon - to low cost fuels that are safe to carry in a car.

                    White House Rants on Energy: 
Their "SPIN".   We are supposed to believe all this!  Even though much to most of it is contrary to "The FACTS"
            (there are several Videos of Interest on these pages too)
Solar energy costs 10 times more than Coal energy
Solar Power is a TOTAL Waste!
The REAL Cost of Solar Energy
Expensive Solar Power continues to be built in the USA - Why?

Wind Farms cost 10 times more than Coal energy
Wind Power is a TOTAL Waste!
The Cost of Wind Energy JOBS - about 15 times greater than from the gas-oil sector.
The True Cost of Electricity from Wind Is Always Underestimated
and Its Value Is Always Overestimated.  The true financial cost of electricity from wind is huge compared to electricity from reliable generating sources

Solar Energy  & Wind Farms do NOTHING to reduce our need for Generating Plants.
he Sun does not ALWAYS shine AND the Wind does not ALWAYS blow.    As a result, we still need ALL the exisiting Generators for when the Sun doesn't shine & the Wind doesn't blow.
    AND, usually, it is not practical to put them in a place where they can easily connect into the existing electrical grid so even more transmission lines are required, while our Generating Stations sit idle (but FULLY MANNED) waiting till they are needed  which is OFTEN!

Of course, it is TRUE, that these "projects" create lots of jobs.  But, these jobs are very expensive and cost the American Taxpayer dearly - for NO benefits whatsoever. 
If these plans are fully implemented, as the Obama regime desires,
       it will TRIPLE, at least, the cost of Electricity for YOUR home - you will gain NOTHING
If you don't understand the WHY of this - please refer to the Agenda-21 page.
                                  Obama misleads the public on Oil reserves - by at least 60 TIMES!
His definition of "Reserves" is VERY Different from that of the oil companies and the rest of the World!)

The Ga School System Encourages Energy Savings Plans and the Government is willing to Subsidize these Plans. 
The question is:
   Do these plans make Economic Sense?
   Are they merely extensions of the UN's "Save the Planet" Environmental SCHEME:  Agenda-21?

Energy Atrocities
being promoted by OUR Government.
Energy Analysts and Research Organizations
have this to say about our oil and energy.  You will see that their message is MUCH different from that which OUR Government is tells us. 
                                           The question is WHY?
Educational ATROCITIES being promoted by OUR Government