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“If a nation expects to be
              ignorant and free...
  it expects what
              never was...
              and never will be.”
- Thomas Jefferson
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Informed VOTERS                           BETTER Government
a NON-PARTISAN, non-profit corp.  Not associated with the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian or any other Party
Bringing The FACTS 
        to Georgia Voters
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Wake Up
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The 2012 Total Budget for our State is $18.3 Billion.
Of this, the Educated Georgia program receives $9.9 Billion or 54% of the total State appropriations. One line item within the Educated Georgia program,
the Georgia Department of Education (which deals with PreK-12), receives $7.0 Billion or 38% of the total State Budget.

The proposed 2013 State Budget is $19.2 Billion, a 5% increase over 2012. The Educated Georgia program will receive $10.3 Billion, with the Georgia Department of Education receiving $7.2 Billion, or 38% of the total.
We do not have a “spending on education problem” in Georgia

Georgia ranks 49th in the latest SAT Reasoning Test (formerly the Scholastic Aptitude Tests) as reported by the College Boards, and we are substantially below the national average in all three tested areas of Critical Reading, Math, and Writing.

The largest school district in the State, the City of Atlanta, spent $14,011 per student in 2005 according to the latest report from The Heritage Foundation.
This is the sixth highest per student total of the Top 50 largest cities in the country, and 51% higher than the national average.

Yet, the City of Atlanta school district has a high school
graduation rate of 46%, according to the same Heritage Foundation report. 
Several cities approximately the same size as Atlanta spend significantly LESS than the national average and have graduation rates in the 70% range, including Mesa, AZ, and Nashville, TN.
We do not have a “spending on education problem”  in Georgia.

What we DO have in the Georgia education system are:
inefficient use of funds,
ineffective practices,
lack of competition, and
thoroughly outdated systems, procedures, and
curriculum support mechanisms.

These shortfalls, in successfully educating our Students, affect our State on many levels.

IT IS THE MISSION OF Wake Up Georgia  to review the educational systems and expenditure process in Georgia, and make specific recommendations to the Governor and the Department of Education which seek to improve the results of a Georgia PreK-12 Education when judged against tangible criteria, and reduce the overall costs to the Citizens of Georgia.
We believe the Voters truly care about the education of our children and will surely bring them to the Governor and the Department of Education.
Ga House Committee
on Higher Education
Education Reform
(Ga Encyclopedia)
Teachers' Unions
YouTube Video
The #1 rated Educational BLOG:
The Top 20 Rated On-line Educational Blogs
     A step in the Right Direction?
The Education Intelligence Agency (EIA)  is a private, for-profit, one-man contract research firm focused on the inner workings of the teachers’ unions
Collaborative Learning - This new concept MAY lead to better education.
          OR:    Is it another step toward teaching SOCIALISM to OUR children?
                                                      We need to KNOW!
They claim are their students learn more and that they are better prepared for the "group problem solving" that modern companies demand. 
Does this mean they are willing to "give in" to the majority?  
Are they comfortable with "concensus" opinion or decisions? - Even when they know a better solution exists or can be found?
Will this REALLY produce "thinking OUT of the box", not afraid to be "wrong" or considered "different" when trying new ideas, or the self-confidence that innovators need to continue through adversity (particularly in Research)?  These are the things that truly produce Freedom; mental, technological, & finally, financial growth.
A STUNNING Concept on Schools - Rethinking Schools Capital Investment: 
               The New 3Rs - Refresh-Refurbish-Reuse.  (from the UK. )
How we can improve the efficiency of Existing schools and save BILLIONS!
   Has the planning of schools estates during the past decade unduly favoured new
build over refurbishment? If so, is this presumption about to change?

   The refurbishment of existing schools may have a valuable place in contributing to the reduction of our financial deficit while significantly helping to raise educational standards and improve the life chances of young children.
                       We wonder if ANYBODY in Georgia is familiar with this. 
        OR: Would they even CONSIDER something that works Better & costs LESS?
We would guess NO - considering the number of new schools that are being built while older ones are being abandoned or torn down.

And the BIG Question is:  Is anyone taking into account the FACT that On-line Teaching is growing at an astronomical rate, which could lead to a dramatic reductions in the School buildings REQUIRED - in less than 10 years!
Are our School Systems OVERLOOKING the most important CHANGE - that is going on NOW - Online Education?     If so, WHY?
The Future of Online Education: Three Competing Perspectives
Colleges See 17 Percent per year Increase in Online Enrollment
(compared to 1.2% increase in Students!)
Georgia’s Education System
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of American Children (738pages)
Charlotte Iserbyt is to be greatly commended for having put together the most formidable and practical compilation of documentation describing "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of American Children" by their education system.
Anyone interested in the truth will be shocked by the way American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect of millions of American children for the purpose of
leading the American people into a Socialist World Government controlled by behavioral and social scientists
A Socialist Agenda Behind Florida's New Race-Based Education Standards?     Setting the guidelines for the state of Florida's new separation of standards according to subgroups including black, Latino, and special needs.
Pushing Back the Socialist Agenda in Education
- Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh (Bio and Archives)
As the Americans’ indifference to the destruction of our country intensifies, the indoctrination and brainwashing from the left of our citizens and of their children accelerates.

I watched during Thanksgiving a National Geographic special on the pilgrims landing at Jamestown, Virginia. The strong environmentalist language shocked me.

Claiming that Europeans completely deforested the land, overfished to the point of emptying the lakes and rivers and causing a severe reduction of the teeming fish population, and of their size, was outrageous. Impressionable minds, who hear such broad, sweeping statements, are misled by design because no scientific data or evidence is offered to support these claims.

The video continued that Europeans have brought with seeds of wheat and grain weeds such as dandelion, thus causing “biological imperialism.” If wind carries seeds of plants and weeds over large swaths of land in the natural process of plant life, is it still called “biological imperialism?”

These ridiculous statements fall in line with the environmental agenda of “man as the destroyer of the planet.” ..much more..
What the Socialists, Communists & Teachers' Unions think:
                   In Defense of Public Education
EDUCATION Secretary Arne Duncan himself--backed by his boss, Barack Obama--has unleashed another destructive storm of corporate-driven "education reform," and it's bearing down on Chicago, where Duncan once ran the public school system, setting the stage for what could be the first teachers' strike in Chicago in 25 years.

Duncan and Co. have already wrecked public education in several cities.   Detroit's ravaged economy and declining population were as a pretext for an aggressive bipartisan assault that's already led to the closure of 100 schools. Today, Detroit has two school systems--the Detroit Public Schools and a state-run Education Achievement Authority--that compete to attract students, with 35 percent of Detroit kids attending charter schools.

In Philadelphia, school authorities, backed by Democratic Mayor Michael Nutter, are seeking to dismantle the entire school system, handing operations over to an array of nonprofit organizations, charter school management groups and academic institutions.
The Chicago Teachers Union
See if you can find ANYTHING here that may indicate they CARE about the CHILDREN?
Or, their quality of Education?
    Marxism & Education      They are PROUD of this!
The index to all the major works of Marxists and others on education, cognitive psychology and child development (Brain-washing, opinion-molding & mis-information).
               The Rise and Fall of Society
An Essay on the Economic Forces that Underlie Social Institutions - by Frank Chodorov
His constant theme: 
The Danger of Concentrated Power to the Freedom on Human Beings.
His dedication to Fancine: 
When you are old enough to read this book there will be a Society and there will be a State, and both will take their character from the reigning ideas of the times. I suspect that these ideas, planted in the American mind before you were born, will be so different from those expressed in this book that you may have some difficulty in understanding how your grandfather "got that way."  That could provide you with some good, clean fun-trying to reconstruct a long-lost pattern of thought.
Philadelphia School District Plans to Close Dozens of Schools
Something that happens when "everybody is NOT pulling for the Kids"
Let's ot let this happen to us.
EmpowerED Georgia Action believes in bringing parents, students, and educators together in order to identify common challenges and develop pragmatic solutions -- ensuring that every child is given a quality education.
    Education reform is at a crossroads.  There are many challenges facing public education and there is little debate that the system needs fixing.   
    Many believe that reform will come from the top down.  EmpowerED Georgia is different.  We believe that real reform will come from the bottom up.  Since our beginning, we have sought the input and action of all education stakeholders -- students, parents, educators, and concerned citizens.
Our positions follow our Core Principles
See How we stand out on The Issues
Standards | Testing | Charter Schools | Merit Pay/Eval | Failing Schools
| Involvement | Graduation Rate
(You will also find us on the "Education-CommonCore" page)
FAQs about Textbooks in Georgia Schools 
There is a great deal to be learned about HOW the textbooks our children are taught from are are selected.
    The "Public school Book Adoption Process" (or"  The Georgia Textbook/Learning Resources Program) is one of the best kept secrets ever!  It provides for the parents and the public to review and participate in the process but nobody seems to know anybody that ever was told How,When or Where!
    We are just starting to look into this process - there will be more coming.  In the meantime: 
For more information about the Georgia Learning Resources/Textbook Program, please contact Randall N. Lee (
The Georgia Department of Education site
has a page entitled  Learning Resources/Textbook and Instructional Materials that spells out a lot of the relevant information. (the above FAQs come from this site). It also contains: An Overview of this process
, complete info on the purchasing and recommendations for each grade by subject, State Board Rules and past listings,
   On the State Education Rules page
we found somethings that need to be looked into: VALUES AND CHARACTER EDUCATION
Georgia requires education on Government and Our History. 
What we don't know YET is how it is taught and how that is determined:
Educational Atrocities
being promoted by OUR Government.