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“If a nation expects to be
              ignorant and free...
  it expects what
              never was...
              and never will be.”
- Thomas Jefferson
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Read the COMMON-CORE Standards here   This is complete - many, many pages. BUT, it is well organized and can be looked at one page at a time.
Common Core Education
         The Deliberate Dumbing Down of American Children    (738pages)
Charlotte Iserbyt is to be greatly commended for having put together the most formidable and practical compilation of documentation describing "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of American Children" by their education system.
   Anyone interested in the truth will be shocked by the way American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect of millions of American children for the purpose of
leading the American people into a Socialist World Government controlled by behavioral and social scientists.
See also    (there is more on the "Education" page)
               Common Core & Charter School Amendments in Georgia
This is all about the Common-Core and Charter Scholl initiatives going on in Georgia that are taking control of our childrens' education OUT of the control of Parents and Local Boards of Education, reducing their level of learning and teaching them SOCIALISM.
    Sue Ella Deadwyler (comes in at 44:44) is a Citizen Lobbyist that has spent 30+ Years of her PERSONAL time at the Ga Capitol trying to "oversee" our Elected GA Officials to see they protect our Constitution, our State & Individual Sovereignty and the "Rule of Law" against the IGNORANCE of our Elected Officials (she is constantly making them aware of what is REALLY in the Bills they have to vote on) and OVERREACH of the Federal Government) and often against corruption and agendas FUNDED by "Special Interests".  Proponents of the Common Core claim that the initiative was state-led; that the states adopted the standards voluntarily; and that the standards are “rigorous” and will prepare our children for college and careers.
The Common Core State Standards are already set.  They apply to everything from Kindergarden through High School (K-12) and are being implemented in most states in English language arts and math.     BEWARE!
     The video shows why these claims do not ring true - and why parents, teachers, and legislators must demand that their states reconsider their hasty decisions to adopt the Common Core and again reassert their constitutional control over education.
     The Federal dictates will build massive student-data systems so that students can be individually tracked from preschool through career - all in the name of:
producing “workers” who can “compete in the global economy.” (this is YOUR Children!)
    Simply put, the Common Core is designed to replace local and parental control over education with centralized, top-down control.   The purpose is to train students for jobs, NOT educate them to be full, thoughtful citizens in our democratic republic.  If we do not take action now to prevent this destructive experiment on our children, it will be too late.
Videos are composed of FIVE (5) Parts: Start here

See & Download:  1-pg "HowCommonCoreDoublesDown" (below), 1-pg Parent Facts
                                 1-pg Quick-Facts, 2-pg Brochure,  2-pg Flyer,  2-pg CheckBox
     Georgians for Returning to Local Control of Public Education
Concerned Georgian citizens are calling on our state legislators to help work with us to:
          Replace “government schools” with
It is time to return control of all publicly funded schools to those best able to determine the education needs for our children...parents, the community tax payers, and our duly elected local school boards.
What to DO?  Citizens Take Action!  
Sign the Petition to
Governor DEAL, State School Board, State Superintendent, Attorney General, and Legislators.
State board chair defends common core standards and integrated math.
Common-Core "Quick Facts Sheet"  Be sure to look at all the other things on the Header.

Arizonans Agaist Common-Core   This has lots of good information
There are many things wrong with Common-Core.  But the most important are:

1.  It removes the Parents and the Teachers, the ONLY people that surely love  the children, from having ANY input into What or How our children will be taught.

2.  It replaces the Parents & Teachers with Bureaucrats that live far away, that will never even meet our children and whose paychecks are fully dependent on their success in IMPLEMENTING Common-Core - not on the success of the teaching.

3.  While Common Core claims to not dictate the Curriculum, it absolutely dictates the TESTS!
What teacher is going to teach the children what they NEED to know and NOT teach what common-core will TEST them on, while being FULLY AWARE that if they don't teach to the test they will be FIRED?

Facebook page of Stop Common Core in Georgia