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“If a nation expects to be
              ignorant and free...
  it expects what
              never was...
              and never will be.”
- Thomas Jefferson
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Informed VOTERS                           BETTER Government
a NON-PARTISAN, non-profit corp.  Not associated with the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian or any other Party
Bringing The FACTS 
        to Georgia Voters
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&  Its Meaning
Wake Up
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                     Citizen Legislators and the Judiciary

          Our Founding Fathers designed a system of government that was to be about We The People, of The People, for The People, and by The People.
It was designed around the concept of Legislation from its Citizenry, that as long as The People were involved and participating in the process, things would consistently work out for the greater good and Liberty would therefore be protected.
       Unfortunately, they were BLIND-SIDED on one, single issue!
This concept did not allow for the "Political Parties“ that were to come (there were over 20 Parties then - the largest had only 7% of the Population).
And, they thought their "checks & balances" would prevent the"Career Politicians” that pervade Washington and, more and more, our State Legislatures.

The vision was for The People to elect their Representatives, who would:
                  Go off for short periods of time to protect the citizens, their property, their rights and to do the country’s business
                  After that, they would return to the farms, businesses and occupations that they were protecting while they were governin
                  Then someone else would go and repeat the cycle.

There has NEVER been a lack of qualified representatives - BUT,
The Political Parties, because of their LUST for POWER & WEALTH, have succeeded in preventing this from happening.

What we have today is an out of control and amoral Federal entity, and a largely inept and neutered State Government.
       We have allowed what we have today by lack of participation in the process.
Career politicians who spend their complete lives in the halls of Congress have no relationship with the People, no perspective on what is really needed, and because we have not held them accountable, they show no respect for The People, the Constitution or the Rule of Law. 
They have one singular mission: to
stay in power and get wealthy, usually at OUR expense - both monetarily and in a reduction of our Personal Liberty.
They have that power only because we have allowed this to happen.

HOW did it Happen?
Many things that happened.  Each one contributed a little at a time.  But, we allowed them to do TWO major things - when our guard was down.
   1.  We did not increase the number of representatives in proportion to the increase in population.
        The founding Fathers discussed this at length.  They decided, unanimously, that 30,000 souls was the maximum.  Today it is about
        This means each Representative "covers" more & more People.   It got to where NOBODY knew WHO they were or WHAT they were doing.
        The People that choose them have no idea who is doing what.  And, the Political Parties do everything they can to ensure this continues.
   2.  We let them "talk us into"CHANGING" the Constitution by ALLOWING them to pass the 17th Amendment.  It took 125 years till we forgot WHY.
        One of the BEST Checks & Balances the Founding Fathers built into our Constitution was that the Senators were chosen by the State Legislatures.
        This virtually GUARANTEED that the Senators HAD TO ANSWER to their States' Legislatures - each had to FAITHFULLY represented his State.
        This removed the ONLY REAL POWER the States had over them, they were FREE to do whatever they wanted!

In BOTH cases: 
        They took away POWER from the States - the power to maintain States Rights and the Sovereignty of both The States and The People.
The Federal Government now has ALL the POWER - the States are basically HELPLESS against it.
        They answer to NOBODY - Neither the Representatives nor the Senators.  Now, all they do is fight over Monetary Favors from the Federal Govt.

And then after the Senate was FREE of all Responsibility (it was to be the MOST Responsible of the two Houses), it no longer cared about The People.
So, whenever they have to "approve" the President's appointments of Supreme Court Judges,
they take HIS "Favors" and approve his HENCHMEN.

What can we do about this?
     1st.   Repeal the 17th Amendment.  This will give the States the RIGHT to control the destinies "The People".
     2nd.  Put in TERM LIMITS for both Senatores & Representatives. This will bring Citizen Representatives - not "Career Politicians".
     3rd:  This will fix itself!  Once our Legislature CARES about the Rights, Liberties, Lives & Property of The People,  THEY will choose FINE Judges!


IT IS THE MISSION OF Wake Up Georgia  to return Georgia, on both the State and Local levels, to a system driven by Citizen Legislators and Judges who are morally and ethically bound by their Oaths of Office to strictly adhere to the Georgia State Constitution, who propose, interpret, and enact legislation that is designed with limited governance, fiscal responsibility, and maximum Liberty for the Citizens of Georgia.
We intend to thoroughly vet all candidates and incumbents regularly against these criteria, inform the Voters of those that consistently meet these standards, and those who do not. 
We will NOT be in the business of directly endorsing, promoting and campaigning for the good ones any more than we will be actively seeking to get rid of the bad ones.
We will, HOWEVER, provide this information to the Citizens of Georgia, all the way down to the Voting Precinct level, on a regular basis, with the intent of a more informed electorate who will make THEIR OWN decisions in the Ballot Box, participate more frequently and have better information on which to base their choices.

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