What we intend to do:

IT IS THE MISSION OF WAKE UP GEORGIA to bring ETHICAL issues to the forefront of the Voting Public, and help them secure enactment of ethical changes and oversight at the State Legislature.

We will use the CPI State Rankings in the future as our measure of positive change in the ethics of Georgia State Government.

IT IS THE MISSION OF Wake Up Georgia  to insure that all proposed legislation is ethical, Constitutional, supports State Sovereignty, and meets the needs of the Citizens of Georgia
                             through active involvement in the State Legislative Agenda,
                                and to
                                   inform Georgia voters of legislation and legislators that attempt to  operate outside, and on the wrong side,
                                      of these basic and moral criteria.

We intend to see that Georgia becomes a leader in States Rights enforcement under the 10th Amendment
by focusing on
the three greatest assaults to Individual Liberty and State Sovereignty in recent history:

      1.   ObamaCare
   NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) of 2012
      3.   Agenda 21 (United Nations)

IT IS THE MISSION OF Wake Up Georgia to inform the Citizens of Georgia of these threats, and educate the Legislature such that Constitutionally binding legislation is put into effect to nullify these threats In Georgia.

IT IS THE MISSION OF Wake Up Georgia  to review the educational systems and expenditure process in Georgia, and to have the VOTERS make specific recommendations to the Governor and the Department of Education which seek to improve the results of a Georgia PreK-12 Education when judged against tangible criteria, and reduce the overall costs to the Citizens of Georgia.
   We believe the Voters truly care about the education of our children and will surely bring them to the Governor and the Department of Education.

IT IS THE MISSION OF Wake Up Georgia  to return Georgia, on both the State and Local levels, to a system driven by Citizen Legislators and Judges who are morally and ethically bound by their Oaths of Office to strictly adhere to the Georgia State Constitution, who propose, interpret, and enact legislation that is designed with limited governance, fiscal responsibility, and maximum Liberty for the Citizens of Georgia.
   We intend to thoroughly vet all candidates and incumbents regularly against these criteria, inform the Voters of those that consistently meet these standards, and those who do not. 
   We will NOT be in the business of directly endorsing, promoting and campaigning for the good ones any more than we will be actively seeking to get rid of the bad ones.
   We will, HOWEVER, provide this information to the Citizens of Georgia, all the way down to the Voting Precinct level, on a regular basis, with the intent of a more informed electorate who will make THEIR OWN decisions in the Ballot Box, participate more frequently and have better information on which to base their choices.

This is what you need to know if you want to get records that "Officials" may be RELUCTANT to provide.
This may help if you get involved in a City annexing land or some such action.
This is published by the Georgia Mayors Asso (GMA) - it trys to explain how "City Hall" works so you can better work with departments  & find out what you want to know.
You can view or download some of our Budget Info here:
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“If a nation expects to be
              ignorant and free...
  it expects what
              never was...
              and never will be.”
- Thomas Jefferson
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