Wake Up Georgia is a NON-PARTISAN, non-profit Georgia corporation.
We are all about helping Georgia Voters get INFORMED about Candidates, Elected Officials, NON-elected official and "Political Issues" that we can VOTE on.

The idea is that if we tell the Voters the FACTS about candidates, officials and issues they will be better able to discern between "Career Politicians" and GENUINE Patriots - people that want to HELP "The People" instead of "becoming a politician" for their own PERSONAL benefit.

We believe that almost ALL of The People know the difference between Right & Wrong! 
And, that most Voters realize the the REASON for government has ALWAYS been to PROTECT us from the things that we, as individuals, cannot protect ourselves from
To ensure us that our GOD-Given RIGHTS are Protected - it is NOT to think for us or to take care of us or to provide us with anything other than LIBERTY & FREEDOM.

We also believe, if the Voters are INFORMED (about the candidates and the issues) they will probably vote for issues that truly benefit ALL the Citizens of Georgia (instead of of those that benefit Politicians, Lobbyists and "Special Interests" - at the EXPENSE of Georgia Voters).

Our mission is to reach ALL the Voters.   We know that we can't do that unless we are non-political. 
We have to look at every Candidate, Elected Official and Issue from an unbiased point of view.
This is NOT about Political Parties - we have to approach every subject ONLY from YOUR viewpoint:
    "How will it affect MY life?" 
    "Will this candidate represent ONLY Me, My State, our Sovereignty and our country?"
    "Is it good for ALL the Citizens or does it benefit "Special Interests" at the EXPENSE of "The people?"

Our viewpoint will be  HOW our Elected Officals vote:
    Do they vote in the interests of "The People" or of "Special Interests"?
    Do they vote to protect our FREEDOMS, LIBERTY, Lives & Property or they vote for Government control over our Personal Affairs?
    Do they vote for things that benefit ALL the Citizens or only a "select" few?
    Do they vote in favor of Big Government or do they value our Freedom to Choose and pursue our own goals?
    Do they vote as if we are not capable of managing our own lives and affairs or do they respect our Liberty and Individual Reponsibility?

In actuality, we WILL be BIASED ! 
We believe in the Georgia Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.  
We think "Common-Sense" should be our guide and that "political correctness" has no place in a FREE Society!

We believe that the vast majority of Voters will WANT to vote if they are INFORMED of the Candidates and the Issues.
And, they will vote, regardless of their "Political Persuasion", just as the Founding Fathers did - for things that help ALL "The People" -
- NOT for Candidates or Issues that are inclined to help "Special Interests" (which can ONLY come at the EXPENSE of ALL The People).

The TRUTH is we, the principals of Wake Up Georgia, are very concerned about the direction in which our country is headed.
It is headed toward Socialism - the EXACT same disease that destroyed EVERY other great society in the history of the World!.

We are firm believers in PEOPLE.
But, we also know that people are not perfect!  (including us)

At times we all think about "ourselves" in preference to others (not good for "others!) and are often happy to have someone else pay for our bad decisions, mistakes, indecisions or even "bad luck".
But , we KNOW that WE do not want to pay, and are not obligated to pay, for these "unfortunate" occurrences - and neither do you.
We CERTAINLY do not think that YOU should pay for OUR mistakes, bad decisions or even bad luck!

We recognize that Insurance is available to everyone - to help them through unfortunate times.
Your neighbor is NOT responsible for your bad luck or mistakes - that's why Insurance and Charity exist.      It is called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

And, Personal Responsibility is better than being a slave to those that say "we will take care of you".    (just WHO will really do this?).

We believe   

What does this mean?  It means if the Voters are INFORMED, they will not fall for a corrupt Politician's "baloney".
It also means that the Citizens will be HAPPY to fulfill their OBLIGATIONS as Voters is they can make INFORMED decisions.

If the TRUE Patriots know this, they will run for Office.
  (Patriots here, are those that would desire to SERVE The People - instead of being "parasites" of The People),
INFORMED Voters will vote them IN  
  (and vote OUT those that are only there for PERSONAL GAINS - through Political Power & corruption).

We are dedicated to this principle. 
We think it it ESSENTIAL:  To save our Country, our Constitution, our Society, our Rights, Liberties, Property and "way of life".

We will try to be ALWAYS be thankful for, and available to, our Members and all the wonderful Citizens that strive every day to keep our country and government PURE - without corruption.

The fact is we cannot do it all ourselves, and there are many Patriots out there that have in-depth knowledge about many specific issues and interests. 
We hope you will help join in with us to help ALL The People and let us share YOUR talents and vitality - we need vounteers - in many areas. 
If you, or an organization you are a member of, have done any specific efforts or research on any government "divisions" or "agencies", or on Candidates or Elected Officials, or on current "Political Issues", we would be thrilled to help you help us by publishing your work on this website.

You can reach us at:
Tom Schaide
(Secretary & Treasurer)
Dick Anderson
(VP & Webmaster)
(Executive Director)
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If a nation expects to be
              ignorant and free...
  it expects what
              never was...
              and never will be.
- Thomas Jefferson
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