The media usually prints whatever the candidates say. 
"Career Politicians" are not going to tell you about their "weaknesses"
or;  what TRULY motivates them to vote as they do
       (Special Interests control almost ALL of the Bills and ALL the Votes)
or;  how it happened that so many of them came in of "modest means" and
       have become WEALTHY while in office.
So, we usually only get "Glowing Reports" about all the Elected Officials.

     What are Special Interests?   A body of persons, corporation,
       or an industry  that  seeks  or  receives  benefits  or privileged
       treatment, especially through legislation. 
       Translation: THEY get the benefits and YOU get to pay for it!

Most of us suspect that all is not as well as it seems here.
                But;  It is VERY difficult to find the FACTS.

So,  we  usually  vote  along  Party  Lines  -  because  we  still  believe  that
"Our Party will only choose those that will help us and they would
    NEVER support someone that did not follow their Political Platform."
So, they keep getting re-elected and not much Good ever seems to happen.
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“If a nation expects to be
              ignorant and free...
  it expects what
              never was...
              and never will be.”
- Thomas Jefferson
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Wake Up
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Informed VOTERS                           BETTER Government
a NON-PARTISAN, non-profit corp.  Not associated with the Democratic, Republican, Libertarian or any other Party
Bringing The FACTS 
        to Georgia Voters
    Our US Flag
&  Its Meaning
Wake Up
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Informed  VOTERS                             BETTER Government
  Politicians  DEPEND on Voter Ignorance  -  to keep them in Power. 

Your job will be To VOTE    -    confidently    -    YOU will decide (Who is Worthy?)   -    Vote as YOU believe
                                          ( 226 years ago)
As the delegates left the building,  a Mrs. Powell,  of Philadelphia,
asked Benjamin Franklin,
  “Well, Doctor, what have we got?”
With no hesitation, Franklin replied, 
“A Republic, if you can keep it!

Food for Thought:

Do you ever wonder WHAT our Georgia Legislature really does?   Do they REALLY work for You & Me?

Where do all the bills & laws (3,000+)  come from?
   How many HELPED You?     Anybody you know?

Can you think of ANY that did not originate from
             "PARTY" or SPECIAL INTERESTS?

Why have we not had an Independent on the GA
            Ballot since 1943?      WHO did this help?

Why does our Georgia Legislature - the General Assembly - allow the Federal Government to walk all over us?        Our State Sovereignty is GONE!

        HOW did the Federal
Government get all this power? 

Much of it is PROHIBITED by the 10th Amendment to the Feferal Constitution:

  “The powers not delegated to the
    United States by the Constitution,
    nor prohibited by it to the States,
    are reserved to the States
    respectively, or to the people.”

Is our State Government powerless to stop the Federal Government's abuses?

     Can we regain our FREEDOM?  Is YOUR life Better with bureaucrats controlling it?
     Do your TAXES buy you more than you had BEFORE they went up,.and up, and up?

Can YOU benefit from this Incapacity?
To restore the
                                 Confidence and
                                         Respect that our
Citizens, Country and Government once enjoyed,
restoring The Constitution to its rightful place
         The Supreme Law of our Land
making ALL elected officials responsible to US,
    their PAYING employers;  We The People.

To provide the Citizens of Georgia with
easily understood and FACTUAL information 
   regarding Local & State issues,
the legislative processes,
their elected officials are
(and the un-elected too) and
                                              HOW they Voted,

so they can truly understand how the issues will  
    affect their Lives, Fortunes and Futures,
        and confidently
           WANT to participate in our government
Voting as they TRULY believe,
        rather than being mislead by
                self-serving "Career Politicians",
                      Political Parties,
                             the Media and
                                    other "Special Interests".

We will do this with
"common-sense" as our guide
                and adherence to
the Georgia State Constitution
                                           as our singular determinant.
JOIN the cause
We are non-partisan,   NOT affiliated with any Political  Party. 
We are losing our Liberty and our Constitution fast.      Both the Political Parties are CORRUPTED.      Only YOU can save Our Country - with INFORMED Votes.
We will study the ISSUES: 
Where did the bill come from?       Where is it likely to go?       Who is sponsoring it?         Why is he sponsoring it?     Who will profit from it?     And, who will lose?
  No more DOUBTS about Voting!            Know Who, What, When, Where & Why  -  Always!            Vote with CONFIDENCE  
55%  of us, We The PeopleDo VOTE - but, 95% of us admit Knowing Little about the Candidates  or  the Issues.
But,  We are ALL interested in Local Issues  -  the things that affect our Everyday Lives.
What  is a Career Politician's WORST FEAR?    Voters that know "the FACTS"    
             They feel OBLIGATED to vote anyway!  
What are the results of this?
45%  of us  Don't Vote   -   usually because we don't believe in  EITHER Candidate   or:  we feel our vote Doesn't Count.
It appears that almost all the Candidates try to hide the truth about how they vote and "Why?"
We would ALL Vote if:
1.   We felt sure we knew what is TRULY Going On (Who & What).
2.   We felt sure OUR Vote could make a difference in OUR lives.
Very few of us have the time to research and try to unravel The FACTS about Politics & Politicians.
The Votes DO count!     What is lacking is INFORMED Votes.
Informed Voters bring out the HONEST Candidates.             They can work FOR you, safely, when YOU know the FACTS.
Informed Voters make their Elected Officials ACCOUNTABLE!      If they don't work FOR The People, they get voted OUT!
  Wake Up Georgia is non-partisan.   We will bring you The FACTS about every Candidate, every Elected Official, every Issue  -  Starting with LOCAL gov't  & going up.
And, you will find it EASY.
YOU can decide YOUR Future   (not some far away bureaucrat)
Even though almost ALL Voters will admit they do NOT know enough about the Candidates:
We will start with your LOCAL Government
because virtually everything here has a direct, and usually immediate, effect on your life.
The FACTS, as you know, are hard to find.   So:
WE will  "Do the Research".   First, we see what they profess to believe. Then we verify:  look up voting records,  actions in the past, who are they "aligned" with and all the rest.
We intend to review every single Candidateevery single Elected Official,
every single Person
Appointed by these Officials  and  every single ISSUE.  
Then, we will try to "de-politicize" it: 
What does the Democratic Party say?  What does the Republican Party say?  What does the Media say?    What's the "SPIN"?    What do others say?    What is in it for each of them?  What are they not telling us?
How will it affect YOU?
How will it affect your neighborhood?  How will it affect your neighbors?  How will it affect The COUNTRY?  What is the real objective?  How will it affect your TAXES?  Will it mean MORE taxes down the line?  What will the long-range effects be?  .. and more.
We will do the same for CountyState and Federal Governments, and their AGENCIES.
Did you ever hear anybody say:
  "MY representative is OK - it's all the OTHERS that are bad!"
They have usually been mislead! 
If we do hear something bad about a candidate or an elected official, it is usually from some other area - rarely from his "Home" District.
(usually from a candidate that is trying to divert attention from himself)
Albert Einstein once said:   "The definition on INSANITY is doing the SAME thing over and over again - and expecting DIFFERENT results!"
                              We believe:       YOU will  WANT to Vote

for  Candidates that  TRULY represent YOUR interests          (instead of Party & Special Interests)
ISSUES that affect YOU - where  YOUR Voice is truly heard     (not the voice of Special Interests)

                                                IF;  You are INFORMED  -  of The FACTS
We are losing our Liberty and our Constitution fast.      Both the Political Parties are CORRUPTED.      Only YOU can save Our Country - with INFORMED Votes.

The Founding Fathers created the FIRST government in ALL History that was by, and for, a FREE People.  Its LIBERTY has produced more Happiness and Wealth than ever before seen on Earth.
    It has lost its way.   It is now in danger.  Only YOU can save it.
Why should I Join?   What's in it for ME?

                YOUR life will actually improve
                    if we have better government.

       You CAN have a voice in YOUR OWN future

You will have CONFIDENCE in your vote.
For the
1st time, you'll KNOW who the candidates REALLY are!
You won't be fooled or confused anymore.

You will understand "WHY & HOW things happen" and
  KNOW that there IS something YOU can do about it,
                                 ;Vote  - for TRUTH.

    Once the bureaucrats realize that they WORK for YOU,
they will be more accountable (to "The People")
WASTE LESS of YOUR hard-earned Tax Dollars

      Politicians will LISTEN & RESPOND - to YOUR needs,
not "enrich & empower" themselves
                   by catering to Special Interests

                          Once this happens, you will get: 
                             Lower TAXES,
                  Government that works
FOR you
(instead of against you), and
                      more Disposable INCOME.
Better Government ? 
      ;It can ONLY happen if The Voters are informed
;enough to RECOGNIZE those candidates that are HONEST enough
  to truly PROTECT their 
Lives, Liberty, Property & Rights.